INTEGRUM is software offered by SATEL, dedicated to management
of a large number of distributed security systems.


Managing a large number of distributed security systems is a challenge for any multi-unit enterprise or organization.

Implementation of this task is influenced by organizational structure of the company, nature of work of its individual units as well as complexity and diversity of the processes occurring in them. Because this issue is focused on security, it is burdened with the responsibility both for corporate property and for people who are in the protected premises.

To address these needs, the INTEGRUM software was created. It has been developed for large and medium-sized multi-unit enterprises whose fields of activity include, among others:

banking sector

logistics sector

commercial sector

insurance sector

energy sector

telecommunications sector

public administration sector

defense sector
Key advantages
Technical aspects
Simplified security supervision
Quick response to detected events
Cataloging devices
Economic aspects
Optimization of system implementation and development costs
Real savings
Verification of incurred expenses
Business aspects
Easy administration
Simple and effective management
System expandability by adding further security areas
Flexible system creating capability
Special features of the system
Flexible match
  • scalable system manager from multiple locations at the same time
  • distributed premises clustered into one central manager system
  • unlimited number of premises in a variety
    of configurations of system structure
  • central database of users, settings, events and state of premises
Full operational security
  • system of multilevel storage of user data and event history
  • automatic download of "outstanding" data after connection is restored
Reliable and secure communication
  • bidirectional data transfer via TCP/IP
  • advanced encryption of transmitted data
  • automatic notification of changes in the state of premises
Simple and intuitive interface
  • access to the system from web browser
  • can be operated from mobile devices
  • bidirectional connection for transmitting data in real time without the need to refresh the page
Distributed structure
  • grouping into regions and premises
  • configuration of access to a portion of the system
  • ability to control and configure the system from any location in the world:
    • system management
    • by multiple administrators
    • supervision of the system
  • delegation of region management authority
Control panel
  • visualization of the system state
  • system control from a single view
  • customizable views of maps/plans corresponding to the hierarchy adopted in the organization
  • modern technology to reduce delays in message delivery

To facilitate the management, the principle has been adopted that all elements stored in the system are unequivocally assigned to a specific branch of the tree structure. There is no limit to the complexity of this structure, for which the operator is responsible.

All the elements are divided into three logical groups. These are the views of control panels, users and events.

Each of the views contains a list of registered premises with the possibility of filtering by basic criteria, and detailed panels for adding and editing premises, as well as the managing dependencies between them.

The whole panel includes more than 20 views that make the management of control panels, events, and users with the INTEGRUM software as easy as never before.

System structure
The INTEGRUM software is responsible for communications with the control panels installed on the premises.
Data are transmitted to the INTEGRUM AppServer. This component is the central managing element with storage module for data reflecting the current state of the premises.
The INTEGRUM Web application server allows you to inspect the state of premises and to manage the user rights from anywhere in the world.
Communication takes place via encrypted TCP/IP transmission, using the AES192 algorithm.
It allows you to easily manage the system from any location in the world, both from desktop computers and mobile devices.

Owing to this integration you get a tool with which you can manage any number of premises to create a distributed, scalable, global system.

Advanced software

The INTEGRUM is a dedicated software for companies wishing to effectively manage a large number of dispersed installations of technical systems. Its components are installed on servers running Linux or Windows and may, depending on the size of the SYSTEM, reside on a single machine or even on several ones.

Simplicity and ease of use of the system are guaranteed by an advanced application, available remotely via a web browser. The application allows for presentation of interactive and smoothly operating maps (WebGL) and use of a permanent connection to provide real-time information on the state of premises (WebSocket).

Employment of the server based on J2EE technology, used in enterprise's server platforms, has made it possible to create an application that meets the high requirements for flexibility, scalability, and security of the system.

Default environment of the database is MySQL. During implementation of this solution, we assume that integration with other engines used by the customer is possible. The proven PHP engine is used for data presentation layer.

Each of the presented elements can be installed as open source software. You can also purchase commercial support from the manufacturer.


Designing, creating and developing security solutions for each and every premises, regardless of their size, purpose and nature - this is how you can briefly describe the scope of SATEL's activities. A wide range of products allows the company to create a system combining protection against burglary and robbery with access control, fire signaling and elements of building automation.

Devices bearing the SATEL brand name are designed and developed with great precision and attention to the smallest detail. As a result, the systems based on them offer ample and diverse functionality and their everyday handling is easy and intuitive, regardless whether it takes place remotely or locally.

The perfect complement and also an important feature of SATEL solutions is their flexibility. Their design is matched to the current requirements and expectations of the market, including both private and business customers.

And this is why...

the SATEL solutions provide security and comfort to millions of people around the world


e-mail: [email protected]
tel: (58) 320-94-35

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